We know that your home is much more than simply where you live: it includes your values, your affections, and all that defines your world. The ideal place in which to reunite with your loved ones, and in which to cherish all the precious memories of a lifetime. This is why we want to help you protect it from any unforeseen accident or event which could jeopardize your happiness.
…so, protect your home with a complete and customised solution
‘Sicurcasa’ is a simple, reliable and flexible insurance plan, dedicated to protecting your home, your property and the safety of your loved ones. A complete and custom-made solution, allowing you to create the ideal coverage for your specific needs.

Fire of building and/or its contents
Sicurcasa compensates for damages to the building walls and interiors, in case of fire, light bolts, explosion, smoke. It’s also possible to protect your home from damages caused by water dispersal within the tube system (including coverage of the necessary expenses to find and mend the damage, even if caused by gas leaks), by meteorological or socio-political events. Sicurcasa also secures your home from earthquakes. (only applies in determined territorial areas).

Sicurcasa also secures you in case of theft, robbery or extortion. It protects not only your money, but also your personal belongings, and any valuables you wish to insure.

Glass-pane breakage
In case of accidental breakage of any kind of glass panel, it covers mending expenses, including installation costs.

Third Party Liability
Sicurcasa frees you and your family from any reimbursement owed to third parties for physical or material damage you may cause in your private life (damages caused by pets, by family help, by children’s games…) or connected with the property or management of your home.

Legal Expenses
Sicurcasa enables you to access a good legal assistance in all cases in which a lawyer may be needed (within your private life, as owner or inhabitant of a house, as a worker…). It also enables you to choose your own lawyer.