This is a flexible and effective policy, designed to answer the specific needs of Artisans and small Businesses.

The policy offers many different securities from which to choose, with the aim of building the ideal insurance coverage for your business.

Coverages on offer are:

In case of fire, burst or explosion, it covers damage to the activity premises and what it contains (walls, structures, machinery, furnishings, goods). It’s also possible to protect your business from a series of other events or accidents, and you can further insure the damage caused by a business interruption or choose to be compensated for the necessary expenses to restart your activity, with new machineries.

The policy secures any electronic equipment necessary to the business from accidental breakdowns and theft.

If the business is object of theft, robbery or extortion, the policy compensates the loss and damage of goods and valuables, including damage to the premises. It’s also possible to include compensation for the income loss caused by business interruption.

Glass-pane breaking
In case of accidental breakage of windows, glass-pane doors and sign-panels, the policy covers the repairing expenses.

Third Party Liability
The policy protects the business owner and his employees from reimbursements owed to third parties for any damage which may be caused within the business activity, or in relation to the property and management of the premises in which the activity takes place. It is also possible to secure the business against INAIL or employees’ reimbursement requests for any physical damage.

Legal Expenses
Covers expenses for legal assistance of choice, connected to accidents included in the insurance policy.