This policy has been designed to offer a flexible, modern and effective insurance coverage, and is laid-out simply and clearly to protect your trade from any possible event.
• It offers a complete range of securities to choose from, according to the shop manager’s needs.
• It’s also possible to automatically update the securities.


This covers the damage caused to the shop’s walls and to its contents (equipment, furnishings, goods) by fires, explosions, bursts. It’s also possible to extend coverage to damages caused by third parties, by water dispersal, meteorological events, and by failing to refrigerate the goods, plus the income loss deriving by forced inactivity.

This is a fundamental security, covering goods, valuables, equipment and furnishings, stolen or damaged, during thefts, robberies or extortions within the shop’s walls, or in case of robbery of goods while transported outside the shop; damage caused by any act of vandalism connected to these events is also covered together with the reimbursement of the expenses for any damage caused by thieves to locks, for document recovery, and for banking expenses related to the recovery of credit instruments.

Any electronic device used for fiscal and administrative purposes (cash tills, electronic payment devices, personal computers) or which is used in the course of the sales activity (scales, switchboards, entry phone systems, security and control systems) is covered against both FIRE and THEFT damages, as previously described, and against accidental breakdowns, with the possibility of extending coverage also to the expenses sustained to recover digital archives, or to rent equipment and devices in case of prolonged unavailability of your own.

Glass-pane breaking
Offers coverage in case of accidental breakage of the shop windows, of glass-pane doors and of any advertising panel within the boundaries of the shop’s provincial area; the insurance also applies to any damage occurred during vale thefts, robberies or extortions, violent acts, meteorological events.

Third Party Liability
The coverage of reimbursement requests made to the shop or trade owner by involuntarily damaged third parties, is designed to cover the whole range of risks the owner may incur in through his own direct responsibility or through damages caused, even voluntarily, by people he is responsible for. The basic Third Party Liability security covers physical or material damage caused to third parties (not including employees) in relation both to ownership and management of the shop premises, and to the trade carried out, with particular details such as coverage of trading risks, of actions necessarily carried out outside the shop premises (pick-up and delivery of goods, participation in exhibitions and trade fairs, installation of sold goods in other premises), of damage to items belonging to clients; within this particular policy, employees figure as insured subjects as far as relates to their personal responsibilities, in case of damages caused to third parties while carrying out their job assignments. If necessary, coverage can be extended to the reimbursement of INAIL or employees’ requests, in case of job-related injury or illness; INAIL reimbursement also applies to the shop-owner and any family member working on the premises.