Our structure

Our operational structure can count on advanced sales and training methods, allowing us to constantly adapt to the never-ending fluctuations of the insurance market.
To support our Clients and our sales network, we can count on an innovative it system, linked to a specialised Call Centre, enabling us to answer any request in real time.
Our sales network consists of a series of POS – Point of Sales (brokers and agents): agile and highly professional structures, to manage the insurance contract at its best.


AllRisks offers to all its Partners a particularly advanced web system, from which it’s possible to manage the Agency’s portfolio and everyday operations, and also quote risks and immediately issue the relevant insurance contracts.
A personal password enables access to individual reserved areas, and the system is guaranteed to operate 24/7, all year round.
Freedom to operate and the promise of an extremely high-standard service represent the true peculiarity and novelty offered by AllRisks.

Our goal is to attract partners who are proficient, service-oriented, with an entrepreneurial attitude and a high sense of responsibility: such is the base on which we can guarantee to enrich our Point Of Sales. With this kind of view, with almost all our partners we have explored the path of applying variable percentages, to be managed independently and with utter clearness and transparency towards the Client.

With AllRisks we aim to offer our Clients unique and complete insurance contracts, with full satisfaction of all involved players.
We aim to overcome the current limits of a broker, by concentrating all its qualities: extensive coverage, free choice of market and providers, investment capacity, on-going relationship with Clients and Providers, still respecting each owns independent roles. Ideas first, and then people, are the base of a great company, which is able to create a business to answer real needs. Through on-going specific training on our business sectors, we aim to create unique and exclusive products, rich in innovation. This will enable us to offer truly Costumer-oriented services.

Our goals are:

    • To satisfy requests from our partners and customers
    • To single out new business opportunities, with the help of our partners
    • To constantly increase and develop the number of our clients, being careful as to guarantee fixed terms, enabling us to create long-term partnerships.

All this is possible thanks to a complete and mutual cooperation with our partners, who take part actively in our project and receive constant attention to their requests.