What is an Underwriting Insurance Agency?
An Underwriting Insurance Agency is an agency appointed by one or more Lloyd’s Syndicates or by other Companies, to underwrite insurance risks, with the ability to accept insurance and/or reinsurance risks. The business acquisition, on behalf of the Syndicates, is made by a structured and professional firm, known as an Underwriting Insurance Agency. The Agency consist of a team of Underwriters, who examine the risks to be underwritten, based on insurance technique principals and on the rules and economic conditions previously determined.

What kind of risks does an Underwriting Agency deal with?
Normally, an underwriting agency operates in very particular fields, covering the lack of a specific product offer from mainstream Companies.

What kind of risks does AllRisks deal with?
AllRisks deals mainly with risks concerning personal liability, including motor vehicle liability (RC Auto), Professional Liability, D&O and a whole series of tailor-made risks, managed directly on London’s open market

How are AllRisks’ business relations regulated?
We operate through a direct mandate, made out by the interested Company.

How are accidents managed?
All accident files are managed directly by our Rome offices; we have trusted agents in all parts of Italy who, once the broker has independently filed the accident, can evaluate the damage. Accident appraisal and settlement are both managed entirely by AllRisks.

How are the insurance policies issued?
Policies are managed independently by our brokers, through our web system. By using a simple password, brokers can in any moment access their own “On-line Agency”, to give quotations and issue contracts.