This product offers vast and complete protection against any event may disturb the safety of a civil purpose building, offering the choice of what, how and how much to insure, according to different needs.

It represents a custom-made solution to effectively protect your property.

It is also possible to include in the contract a P.I. (Professional Indemnity) for the Property Manager.

The policy is divided in two sections:

This covers the damage caused to the building’s walls by fires, explosions, bursts, gas leaks, lighting, etc… it is also possible to include damages caused by socio-political events, electrical accidents, meteorological events, excessive snow falls and by water dispersal within the tubes, including coverage of the necessary expenses to find and mend the damage, within the water and/or gas pipes.

Public Liability.
This releases the homeowners from having to reimburse physical or material damage caused to others by events connected with their property. A coverage for the property of each single estate unit – homes, offices, or professional bureaus – can be included, plus a public liability cover towards workers.