For this specific section, we offer three different kind of products:

• “Global protection”
• “PA – Fast”

“Global Protection” is an efficient, modular and customised solution which can be adapted to solve any unpleasant effect caused by an injury. Highly flexible, it allows clients to build a personalised policy, tailored on their specific needs, by choosing among a range of securities, which can be further personalised through options and elective conditions. Maximum coverage is up to € 1.500.000 and excess is variable.

“PA – Fast” is what may be called an ‘off-the-counter’ policy; it has low maximum coverage (250.000 euro max), doesn’t include Permanent Disability caused by accident, and the Insured must have no claims in his previous insurance history.

Permanent Disability
This secures compensation in proportion to an established degree of permanent disability. The policy can be further personalised through a series of options and additional covers.

In case of decease of the policy holder, beneficiaries are entitled to the insured capital.

Temporary Disability
If an injury temporarily prevents you from managing your daily activities, this coverage entitles you to a daily compensation.

Daily Compensation for Hospitalization, Plasters and Recovery
This secures a daily compensation for each day of hospitalization, convalescence and forced immobilisation caused by wearing a plaster.

Coverage of medical expenses
This covers medical expenses sustained as a consequence of an injury, including the necessary cures to mend an aesthetic damage.

Permanent Disability caused by Sickness
This can be seen as an act of protection towards yourself and your family, as it secures compensation in case of a permanently invalidating illness.