A claim is what we have in the event of a damage to be reimbursed or compensated.

It’s at this moment that a client can determine how efficient a Company is, and this is why at AllRisks we have chosen a structure which enables us so to offer a claims’ settlement procedure in line with the needs and expectations of our insurance partners.

AllRisks Srl can count on a team of professional claims’ handlers, able to manage, competently and proficiently, all phases of a settlement process.

When we receive a claims’ notification, our team is immediately activated, with the aim of thus promoting, through the accident management, our company profile and the good image of our Agents.

In particular, the accident management aims to:

  • Prepare and manage the accident notification and/or the reimbursement/compensation requests complying with the current regulations, rapidly and carefully;
  • Keep the concerned people (insurance holders, damaged parties, intermediaries) informed on the state of the procedure in a simple, clear and exhaustive fashion;
  • Manage all kinds of accident, more or less complex, offering an efficient technical assistance; this includes cooperating with a network of loss adjusters, forensic doctors and specialised legal professionals.

We have thus developed a specific professional network (loss adjusters, forensic doctors) covering the whole nation, so as to offer insurance holders and/or damaged parties an effective, efficient and fast service.

The way our web network works enables Brokers not only to open a claim, but also to monitor every phase of the procedure, from its handling to its settlement.

Authorised Car-shops

Access to this service offers many advantages to insurance holders and/or damaged parties.
In particular:

  • careful wash service of car exterior and interiors, before handing back the car;
  • possibility of having the damaged car collected and re-delivered to your home;
  • possibility of using a courtesy car while yours undergoes reparation;

Download here addresses of authorised car-shops

Carglass Agreement

AllRisks has a specific agreement with Carglass in order to offer an added service to its clients.

Simply call the free-toll Carglass number 800.36.00.36 to activate your glass-pane accident procedure and make an appointment or request on-place assistance.

Do remember to keep your policy on hand, so as to be able to offer any requested information.

You will find all addresses of authorised centres on the website http://www.carglass.it/

To contact our Accident Department:

Tel. +39 0642114211

Phone calls can be taken on Tuesday and Thursday from 14.30 to 17.30.


The office is open to the public on Monday and Friday from 9.30 to 12.30, only by appointment.


For claims about XL Catlin policies you can contact Crawford, tel. +39 0248100423, throught:

  • Mail:
    Crawford & Company Italia S.r.l.
    Via Desiderio da Settignano, 15
    20149 – Milano
  • Fax:
    +39 024692741
  • Email